HealthGenie Symptom Checker from My Academy of Health Excellence

“HealthGenie” powered by Isabel’s Disease Pattern Recognition Engine Platform.

HealthGenie – What makes it so different?

The HealthGenie Symptom Checker developed by Isabel Healthcare uses the medically validated Isabel DPREP system. Unlike most other symptom checkers it enables you to enter multiple symptoms in everyday language and helps make sense of them. The combination of symptoms is analysed by the Isabel artificial intelligence engine and possible conditions are linked to further knowledge so the you can research their symptoms. A ‘Where now?’ (triage) feature is also provided to help you decide where to seek care within your health system.

HealthGenie is simple to use…

Easy entry of multiple symptoms in everyday language, combined with your age, gender and region. The region can be changed to highlight potential diseases related to recent travel history.

generating greater physician experience…

The versatility of HealthGenie Symptom Checker enables it to be incorporated into your personal electronic medical records vault improving efficiency and the experience with your physician.

returning relevant conditions…

The list can be sorted by different views, highlighting common and red flag conditions. Each condition links through to user-friendly disease information.

…and connecting you to the appropriate care within your health system

After answering key questions about your symptoms, a unique set of algorithms consolidates the information entered and recommends the most clinically appropriate setting (Teladoc, Physician, Emergency Room etc.) to seek care.

Driving patient/physician engagement

HealthGenie enables you to be partners in your care and work as a team with your health professionals. Physicans are encouraging patients to use the HealthGenie to drive quality engagement and efficiency.


How this platform works

How are the list of HealthGenie diagnosis ranked?

HealthGenie produces a list of possible diagnoses, ranked in order of degree of match between the disease presentations and clinical features, together with age, gender and region, entered by the user. You and your Physician can review the HealthGenie list and access associated evidence-based content to work out which diseases are most probable. HealthGenie is there to support and assist your physician in determining the differential and working diagnosis. HealthGenie is about possibilities while clinical probability is determined by the physician.

What sets HealthGenie apart from similar programs?

There are a number of differences that set HealthGenie apart from other tools. First, HealthGenie is built differently. It works by applying artificial intelligence pattern recognition software onto a hand crafted database of over 10,000 diagnosis presentations. Most other tools rely on a limited decision tree architecture. In addition, no other tool can boast Isabel’s combination of accuracy, speed and ease of use with the ability to handle complex clinical cases across all specialities while at the same time being integrated into the clinician’s workflow.

How does my Doctor gain access to my information?

HealthGenie is made available to your physician where and when they want it. In addition to using HealthGenie standalone or as a mobile app, it has also been integrated with QR Life Code and Medical Vault for easy access along with all your electronic medical records on demand.

What Evidence is there that a Symptom Checker will make an impact?

There is now an extensive body of validation studies supporting the use of HealthGenie. Recent RCT (Randomised Control Trial) studies show that HealthGenie substantially increases the diagnostic accuracy of physicians.