Unlike insurance based practices that need to see patients to make money, as a Direct Primary Care Physician you have a vested interest in getting and keeping your patients healthy. A healthy member lowers work load and allows you to increase your membership base.

Additionally, providing patients with access to an affordable catastrophic care option would allow you to deliver a complete solution and increase membership longevity.

“Health Excellence Plus” will add both of these benefits to your practice. It creates cash patients with a marketing engine that will grow your practice and fill in the gaps your patients need! Now you can offer access to care without compromising the quality you require from start to finish by pairing the components of Wellness and Medical Cost Sharing with your Direct Primary Care membership.

Self-Care: Things You can do to help AVOID Needless Medical Cost

Wellness and Technology

ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE MENTOR using functional medicine

Wellness Incentives for Motivation

Health Education Resources, Webinars, Newsletter and more

Medical Records Vault & QR Life Code



Physician-Care: Things you will do to help MITIGATE Medical Costs

Primary and Preventive

Unlimited Office Visits with no copay or Office Visit Charge

Same or Next Day Appointments

24/7 Emergency Phone Access to a Physician

At-cost Medications, Labs, and X-Rays

Community-Care: Things Members can share to CONTAIN Medical Cost

Medical Cost Sharing

Large Curative Treatment (including Hospitalization, Surgeries, ER Visits, MRI’s)

No Network Concerns

Community Open to All who are health focused

Dedicated Member Services Team

An innovative layering of healthcare services that are coordinated across all levels of care

What’s in it for You!
  • Freedom from ever having to file an insurance claim.
  • Promotions designed and provided by us to grow your practice. No effort on your part!
  • Self-Care, the “A.I.M. to be Healthy” initiative engage your Patient with an ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE MENTOR using Functional Medicine that helps keep them Healthy while providing invaluable information to you. Avoiding medical cost with wellness will lower member utilization allowing for increased membership.
  • Teladoc, telemedicine is included to augment your service and reports to you of any activity as needed.
  • Community-Care complements your practice by providing for Hospital, ER and all major medical incidents not provided for with your practice. the cost is often as much as 50% less than traditional health insurance, which lowers their overall healthcare cost and increases membership longevity.
  • Medical Vault with QR Life Code” makes accessing patient medical record simple and immediate.
What's in it for Your Patient!


  • Cost saving from Health Excellence Plus makes funds available to support their new health focused lifestyle
  • Self-Care, their ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE MENTOR guides them with recipes and fitness programs designed specifically for them, that supports your effort to help them obtain and maintain wellness.
  • Community-Care – ‘Peace of mind’ that they can now have the Practitioner they prefer AND have any major problems handled 100% for a very low and stable cost using Medical Cost Sharing
  • First Responder QR Life code membership card and key fob with access for emergencies and travel
  • Health Education Resources – Webinars, Newsletters, 12 Healthy Habits digital messages, Wellfit Community and ‘Personal Concierge’ to help them navigate the present-day health care maze.

To access “Health Excellence Plus” Individuals and Families must join the MPowering Benefits Association. As a special benefit for Members of your DPC Practice, they will have the $100 setup charge waived.

To make the process of educating your members as easy as possible, we provide you with a customized portal for your patients. Follow this link to see a Sample.

For more information call (800) 519-2969

Key Elements and Important things you should know about this Healthy Care Solution.

“A.I.M. to be Healthy” is an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MENTOR using Function Medicine Platform that’s designed to personally guide and advise along your journey to optimum health. It is the only assessment tool in the world that combines 3 wellness components to give you a complete blueprint of your health and help you find the hidden connections between them. Coined as EpiBioGenentics® by its’ creator, Epi– your lifestyle choices, eating habits, stress level, exercise level, sleep patterns, medications, exposure to toxins etc: Bio– your unique bio-chemical makeup, lab work, vitamin / mineral deficiencies, and the toxin load you are currently carrying etc: Genetics– your DNA, family history, genomics and genetics susceptibility so you know what diseases to screen for.

A “NEED” is your request for the Costs caused by an accident or illness to be Shared with the Sedera Community.

Small medical expenses are managed via your Direct Primary Care membership.

When you enroll in the Medical Cost Sharing Community, you select the amount that you can comfortable afford to pay, called the I.U.A – Initial Unshared Amount. Then should a Large Medical Need occur it is Share at 100% by the Community above that amount.

I.U.A. – Initial Unshared Amount is more similar to a deductibe in Auto Insurance than annual deductible in Health Insurance. You select the amount ($500, $1000, $1500, $2500 or $5000) then should an accident or illness occur, you pay the selected amount and community (auto insurance) pays 100% of the balance due until your health (vehicle) is restored to it’s previous condition or better. There are no contraints of time or money – the need remains active until you no longer show signs or sypmtons relating to that accident or illness for twelve months.

A Member Only can have a maximum of 3 Needs per calendar year. All other membership types the Maximum is 5 Needs per year.

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Are you interested in becoming a referring practitioner? Follow this link to view the “Referring Practitioner Agreement 2.0“.