“A.I.M.” to be Healthy” from My Academy of Health Excellence

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MENTOR using Functional Medicine powered by IQYOU


Pioneering the new science of EpiBioGenetics®, the “Artifical Intelligence Mentor” powered by IQYOU, is the only assessment  tool in the world that combines wellness components to give you a complete blueprint of your health and help you find the hidden connections between them:


IQYOU is a HIPAA-compliant system that uses the latest in artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology.

Embedded in the platform are thousands of data points mapping risks and solutions, including over 40,000 clinical studies, 350 genes, 300 lab biomarkers, 4,000 prescription drugs, numerous articles and studies on nutrition, supplements, herbs, lifestyle issues, as well as EPA environmental studies.


Fill out a questionnaire about lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels, exercise habits, sleep patterns, medications, etc. IQYOU’s logic populates an additional series of “smart questions” relevant to the user, which further narrows the profile.


Based on the answers you provide, the IQYOU platform cross-references your health profile, lab data and genomics with a database of over 40,000 medical studies to provide you with an action plan for improving and maintaining optimal health. The end result is a health assessment which draws from this library of internal data, including the risk of toxin exposure using the client’s zip code (per EPA data).

This platform identifies the root cause of each health challenge, as well as the most scientific functional medicine strategies for preventing and treating these root causes. Most other health assessment tools only address, and attempt to treat, the symptoms identified. Here are the key elements of this unique and powerful platform.

Toxins- All toxins in the air and the water for every community are identified and considered within the health assessment being conducted inside the platform. This information is found in the EPA records for each zip code in the country. (no other program provides this information)

Blood tests– Common blood panels are added electronically to a person’s assessment: however there are over 600 additional blood assessments These include some tests not commonly considered  such a measurement of vitamin D3 levels and C-reactive protein levels. These and similar blood tests can provide valuable information about inflammation markers in the body and the genetic  markers for chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. (no other similar program provides this type of assessment)

Height and weight– Even nine extra pounds beyond normal can trigger the assessment  tool to indicate an increased risk for inflammation in the  body or the potential for heart disease and/or diabetes. As weight  increases the  platform takes this into account and changes a person’s score accordingly. Other similar programs are not sophisticated enough to do this. (this level of analysis is not found in any other similar program)

Tobacco and alcohol– These lifestyles elements are just two of the factors considered in the equation for how healthy someone There is a picture of the person’s body being produced as this information is being put in and the user can immediately see changes in the color of organs such as the lungs and the liver when these factors are added. The developing score will also go down significantly. (No other program provides this type of analytical picture)

Ethnic background– Each ethnic group can have unique health challenges that need to be taken into consideration. In each case scientific evidence is cited to identify these patterns for ethnic health challenges. The platform can then find the medications or natural health strategies to help prevent and/or mitigate any of the health challenges identified.

Existing medical history- A person’s existing medical history is vital for determining how to treat these conditions as well as predicting future health status. The goal of the platform is to improve health now using the most evidence-based natural approaches possible as well as conventional medicine treatments also proven to be effective.

Family history- It is also important to consider the medical history of family members since this is a very good indicator or genetic and lifestyle factors that could influence a person’s health. When combined with genetic testing a very accurate  picture of the probability of disease can be created.


Genetic testing– This platform also allows for the input of genetic factors with the 23 and Me genetic test. Although this only represents a predisposition for future disease and not a guarantee, it is still very helpful in recommending prevention strategies that have been proven to be effective for these genetic tendencies. This is what this platform is able to do.

Nutritional behavior– Nutrition is probably the number one factor in the assessment of health risk as well as the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. This platform takes an in depth look at nutritional behavior and proven scientific evidence  about health risk due to nutritional deficiencies and the ability  of nutrition to both prevent and treat chronic disease. (no other program looks this closely at nutritional deficiencies)

Nutritional supplements– Most people do not get most of the nutrition they need to be healthy from food alone. This has been proven in several well documented scientific studies. There has also been considerable evidence over many years about the ability of various nutritional supplements to help prevent as well as effectively treat many chronic illnesses. This information is accurately presented in each person’s individual health improvement plan. (no other program provides this information)

Symptoms analysis- Dozens of symptoms are considered in this analysis, and these symptoms provide a clear picture about what is happening biochemically in the body. Enzymes and other biochemical markers paint a picture of health patterns that often point to future health challenges. Symptoms can point to existing nutritional deficiencies or even problems related to how key molecules are supposed to be working together to makes hormones or neurotransmitters. (no other assessment program considers symptoms in this comprehensive manner)

The sunshine factor- This platform even considers how much sunshine a person is likely to get if they live in a certain community. Sunshine is a key factor in the body’s ability to make vitamin D3 and this can have major implications for the development of many chronic diseases. For example, low sunshine levels can be one of the key factors in the development of depression or anxiety. This could prompt the program to recommend the consumption of more omega fish or supplementing with omega 3 and/or vitamin D3. (this is not considered by any other platform of its kind)

SNP’s- Single nucleotide polymorphisms are damaged chromosomes within the DNA of our cells. These SNP’s represent serious health challenges within our bodies and need to be factored in when doing health risk assessment as well as health improvement strategies. This platform can help to identify over 400 SNP’s as well as the best natural methods for preventing continued damage and even repair possibilities. (no other conventional health assessment program considers SNP’s as thoroughly as this one does)

Pharmaceuticals- Nearly 70% of adults consume a pharmaceutical product of some kind to treat an existing health condition. The drug companies and doctors do not tell patients about the nutritional deficiencies that are often created by the consumption of these products. This platform can evaluate hundreds of drugs and report on the nutritional deficiencies being created so that the patient can inform the doctor to help compensate for these deficiencies. This can be a major factor in the reduction in the use of drugs as well as the improvement in health due to changing dietary and supplement behavior appropriately. (no other program considers this factor)

Special considerations- This platform also considers important factors such as stress levels, sleep patterns and exercise. Each one of these important elements can be factored into the health risk evaluation and then proven strategies recommended for improvement that really work.

How this platform works

Your Health Score

The score- The previously mentioned factors are taken into consideration with the use of a very sophisticated  computer program which produces a score from 0 to 100. This score can then be used to determine the health of a patient, an employee or a client in an insurance program. Primarily it will be used as a measuring tool to allow any user to determine how well they are doing in their efforts to become healthier.

Your Body Picture

The picture- Each person has a picture of their body included as part of using the platform and each organ and system is color coded based on how health that organ or system is. There are five levels of wellness shown and when improvements are recommended the picture will illustrate if the organ or system involved will respond the way it should. Changes can also be seen if actual improvement occurs a result of making recommended changes. And remember, these changes are based on adjustments the body is making in enzymes and other biomarkers. Blood tests and other measurement tools can track these changes very accurately.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Actionable Recommendations- Over 40,000 scientific studies  are accessed  after all of the personal health information is put into the platform. Over 250,000 calculations are made as part of this process, which takes less than one second, and then the platform produces one very personalized plan for each user. These recommendations fall into the following categories.

    • Recommended foods
    • Recommended supplements
    • An exercise program
    • Lifestyle changes
    • Detoxification strategies
    • Different drugs to stop or take
    • Sleep improvement strategies
    • Stress reductions strategies
    • Weight loss strategies
    • Additional tests recommended


Nutritious Menu Planning and Recipes

Recipes- Nutrition is one of the most important factors in the use of this platform, therefore it makes sense that there would be a comprehensive element for the best recipes to use in order to encourage people to eat as well as they can. This platform has the most extensive library of healthy recipes available with over 10 million people accessing them every month.

Health Goals and Accountability Reminders

Goals and reminders- Monthly reminders and targets can be set up to follow anyone’s program. These reminders can then be tracked with charts and graphs to make it easier to see how the program is working every month.

Aggregate reports

Aggregate reports- When necessary the platform can also track the progress of various groups within an organization. These reports do not reveal anyone’s personal information, but are very important for employers, brokers and insurance companies as they are able to identify areas in need of further improvement, changes in premiums and deductibles, as well as the Return of Investment for the use of the platform.

Why AI based on Functional Medicine?

  • Uses physiology to see illness trends
  • Uses advanced Health Risk Assessments for deeper analysis
  • Looks at toxins, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, blood markers, genomics meds used, and more.
  • Sometimes sees cellular signals, before other tests see anything.
  • Can use natural strategies to prevent illness before drugs and surgery are needed.
  • Addresses the root cause of illness instead of the symptoms,
  • Is safer, more effective and less costly than conventional medicine.